Sunday, 20 March 2011

Starbucks Coffee will Increase the Price


JAKARTA - Starbucks Corp. raised the retail price for each cup of coffee they were up to 12 percent. This was done to cover the cost of coffee beans that have increased.

In addition, the company claims is identical Starbucks green coffee price increase has not been bottled since March 2008. Starbucks said the increase in prices that occurred in the market will absorb the other costs, so that should be taken action on it.

"We continue to monitor and evaluate carefully the coffee price movement, have responded by adjusting prices so that we will balance the needs of coffee so that it can run a business effectively and optimally," said the Starbucks, as quoted by Reuters on Sunday (20 / 3 / 2011).

The world's largest coffee Society says that there is an increase in coffee prices to wholesale customers. They are the one who supplies the coffee for the best brands such as Starbucks and Seattle's Coffee.

Starbucks raised the price of coffee became USD9, 99 from the initial price of $ 8, 99. Starbucks itself is known as one of several coffee processing company to raise prices due to the price of coffee beans hit.

The same is said by JM Smucker Co., the manufacturer of Dunkin Donuts. He said coffee prices have increased several times over the last year. Meanwhile, other companies also need coffee beans as a raw material such as Sara Lee and Kraft Foods, has also raised the selling price.

Known, coffee beans, like any other commodity it is experiencing an increase. Various analysts said the increase is due to the game of speculators in the market. (ade)

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