Sunday, 20 March 2011

Nato will Send Dozens of Fighter Aircraft

untaianberita, Tripoli: Fighter aircraft of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO-led coalition who joined in France and supported by Arab countries, was launched to head off the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Coalition forces also planned to attack the rebel-held city, Benghazi.
As quoted by Reuters on Sunday (20 / 3), before, battleships and submarines of the United States and British military has also fired more than 110 Tomahawk missiles or missiles to Libya to take over their air defenses. Nevertheless, there are no U.S. aircraft flying over Libya.
The following are military assets that are being used coalition forces in military action against Libya:
France to deploy as many as 20 fighter jets in the early operations in Libya, including the Rafale multirole fighter, the Mirage fighter jets and a drone unmanned AWACS. Their target area about 62-93 kilometers area around the rebel-controlled city, Benghazi. French operation currently has an air base on the Mediterranean island of Corsica Solenzara in, about an hour flight from Libya with a jet fighter.
French aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle, was in the Mediterranean Coast, France and will go to Libya at noon this Sunday. And is expected to reach reach the Libyan coast on Monday night with a 15 jet fighter. This battle also involved three frigates, a supply ship fuel, and submarines.
France also has an air force base near the Mediterranean cities of Marseille and Istres, about an hour and a half of Libya. Special aircraft refueling tankers have also been prepared since last Friday to distribute fuel from Istres. As for France to rejoin NATO's military command in 2009, after four decades of experience of exile.
British military had participated in coordinated attacks on Saturday against Libyan air defense system using Tomahawk missiles, launched from one of the Trafalgar class submarines. UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) also confirmed Stormshadow missile launched from a Tornado GR4 jet flown by the Royal Air Force base, about 3,000 miles away in Norfolk in eastern England. This operation is also supported by aircraft VC10 and Tristar aircraft fuel filling, such as the E3D Sentry and Sentinel surveillance aircraft. The Defense Ministry also said the Typhoon aircraft will be deployed to provide support.
Britain has two frigates off the coast of Libya, HMS Cumberland and HMS Westminster, which is also called to support the operation. Sources in the government Ingfris also earlier said the ship was to be deployed.
United States
United States launch a limited military action in Libya a few hours after the French, who launched attacks along the Libyan coast with Libyan air defense targets. The U.S. military also deployed fighter aircraft, missiles and electronic attack.
A defense official said the U.S. Navy has three submarines equipped with Tomahawk missiles in the Mediterranean ready to participate, including the attack submarine Newport News and Providence. They joined two Navy ships. Tomahawk missiles that could cripple the normal plane or similar anti-aircraft defenses in the no-fly operation.
Overall, the U.S. Navy has also deployed five battleships in the Mediterranean, including one aircraft missile destroyer guides. But no U.S. aircraft carrier which is near Libya. USS Enterprise, which recently placed in the Red Sea, has been moving eastwards. Away from Libya, to join the USS Carl Vinson, in the Arabian Sea to support operations for Afghanistan.
Canadian warship HMCS Charlottetown has joined the navy, including sea blockade, which took place in Libya. Canadian fighter jets also have reached the area, but the plane takes one or two days of preparation before they can join the mission.
Italy has sent dozens of fighter aircraft at the base of Trapani, in western Sicily in readiness for involvement in an air strike on Libya. Tornado soldiers that can be used to destroy enemy air defense and radar, such as the F-16 and Eurofighters, used for air defense into the air which is then transferred to Trapani from bases in Piacenza in northern Italy, Gioia del Colle in Apulia.
Italy also offered the use of NATO headquarters near Naples for a joint command center in a joint operation. Countries Participating in the future in military activities. (JAY / ANS)

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