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Ratnagiri Temple

Ratnagiri Temple

Rathnagiri is a temple devoted to Lord Balamurugan located at Rathnagiri, Vellore. Balamurugan adimaigal was the one responsible for developing this hilltop temple from 1968. Under his guidance a hospital and school were founded. All the people from Kilminal were also responsible for the development of this temple complex. An emergency medical service unit is available near to the Ratnagiri hospital on the Madras–Bangalore highway. Access is via a winding road or 150 steps.


Golden Temple
Sri Lakshmi Temple, popularly known as Golden Temple,[34] is a newly built temple ad spiritual park in Thirumalaikodi, Vellore. The whole exterior of the temple is laid with gold sheets and plates with construction reported to have cost Rs.300 crores (65 million USD). The temple can only be accessed by going through a star shaped walkway. The surrounding area was once called Malaikodi, then changed to Thirumalaikodi. Nowadays it is known as Sripuram.


Swami Thiru Muruga Kirupanandha Variyar, popularly known as and reverently called Variyar Swamigal, was born at Kangeyanallur which is a small village on the northern bank of the Palar river. This village lies at a distance of 5 km between Vellore and Katpadi in the Vellore District. This province is referred to as Thondai Nadu in Sangam literature.123.


Is a temple dedicated to Lord Murugan which is located on top of the hill, part of the Eastern Ghats, about 30 km from Vellore. The temple is known for its majestic views.


This is the main Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Vellore. Situated adjacent to the Bishop's House, the Church has turned into a major religious center after it was rebuilt in 2001. The bell tower of the church, said to be the highest bell tower in India, is a major attraction.


Balamathi is a small village located on top of the hills of Eastern Ghats and is a 30 minute drive from Vellore. It is famous for its Balamurugan Temple.

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