Sunday, 13 March 2011

Against Cancer with These Tips, Diamond


VIVAnews - Diamonds are not only friendly to women. But it can also be a friend of the people with cancer. It has been found of chemotherapy in the form of tiny carbon particles are made of diamond or nanodiamonds.
The method could be a diamond chemotherapy drug delivery solutions for patients with advanced-stage cancer. Diamond method is discovered by a team from Northwestern University, USA.
Researchers say the method is very promising diamond to chemotherapy in terms kefektivitasan drug administration. That's because it often occurs anticancer drug resistance, which causes 90 percent of treatment failure in patients with malignant cancer.
Nanodiamonds is carbon-based particle diameter size between 2 to 8 nanometers, with the octahedral structure. Diamonds are not toxic and does not cause inflammation. Diamonds of this type are also quite cheap to produce in large quantities.
Chief Dean Ho and his team of researchers tested this method in mice that have liver cancer and breast cancer. The mice were given anti-cancer drugs, doxorubicin, through nanodiamond. The research team divided the two groups of rats, the first group given doxorubicin with nanodiamond and the second group given only doxorubicin.
As a result, doxorubicin levels ten times higher in mice who were given treatment with nanodiamond. This compared with mice given only the drug doxorubicin. Apparently blend doxirubicin nanodiamond and also significantly reduces tumor size in mice and increased survival. (Pet)

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