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Jacking Tool the usual are used into construction project is crane. The working of crane is by lift significant that will movement, move in horizontal, then degrade significant on site desired. Some types crane that public weared is :

1. Crane whelled Crawler
This type have table top that can move 360 degree. With wheel crawler then crane this type can move into project location when conduct its job. When crane will be used other in project then crane are transported by using lowbed trailer. This transportation is conducted by unload boom becomes some parts to water down transportation execution.

2. Crane Truck
Crane this type of can migrate from one project to project other unassisted from conveyer. However part of crane remain to be must unloaded to water down transfer. It's seem crawler crane, this truck crane can rotate 360 degree. to care of balance tool, truck crane haves foot/feet. In its operation foot/feet is referred must paired and wheel is lifted from land/ground until operation safety with boom that length will maintain.

3. Crane With Limited Location
Crane diletakan this type above two unit of place aces both mobile tyre ace in simultaneous. With this excess then crane this type of can move spatially. Activator tool crane this type of is very big wheel that can improve tool ability in moving dilapangan and can move on highway with top speed 30 mph. Position of operator room crane usually at parts of hinged deck.

4. Tower Crane
Tower crane is tool that used by to lift significant in vertical and horizontal to something high place at limited motion room. Type this crane is divided base way crane are referred [as] stand up that is crane that can stand up free (free standing crane), crane above rel (rail mounted crane), crane that bound at building (tied-in tower crane) and crane climbs (climbing crane).

a. Part Crane
Part of crane is mast or main pillar,, jib and counter jib, counterweight, trolley and tie ropes. Mast is pillar vertical that stand up above base or elementary. Jib is horizontal pillar that length determined base desired range.

b. Criterion Election Tower Crane
Election tower crane as a means of to move significant is relied on field condition that is not wide, out of reach height by other tool. And not need tool movement. Type Election tower crane which to use must consider project situation, form of building structure, amenity operasiaonal either when installation or when unloading.
Whereas capacities election tower crane bases weight, dimension, and range power at heaviest burden, maximum height tool, tool assembling in project, tool weight that must arrested by its structure, room that available to tool, wide area that must reached tool and tool speed to move significant.

c. Capacities Tower Crane
Capacities tower crane are hung some factors. That must paid attention is that if significant that transported by crane exceed its capacities then will happen tumble. In consequence,, significant weight that transported better as follows :
1). For crawler wheeled machine is 75% from tool capacities
2). For wheeled machine rubber tyre is 85% from tool capacities
3). For machine that memilliki foot/feet is 85% from tool capacities
External Factor that must paid attention in determining tool capacities is
1). Strength angina terhadapa tool
2). Burden Oscillation when moved
3). Speed of significant evacuation
4). Machine Braking in its movement
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